Welcome to Birding AK, the ultimate guide to birdwatching in the Great Land. Founded by Scott, a passionate and dedicated bird lover, our website is your gateway to the breathtaking world of Alaskan avifauna.

Birding AK came into existence from a singular passion – a deep love and respect for Alaska’s birds and the pristine wilderness they call home. Alaska, fondly known as the Last Frontier, hosts a rich diversity of bird species, from the vibrant puffins along the coast to the majestic eagles soaring over the mountains, and the elusive owls nestled in the boreal forests. As explorers of this enchanting frontier, we strive to bring you closer to its natural rhythm and beauty.

Scott, our founder, fell in love with these winged wonders at a very young age. Over the years, he has translated this passion into a mission to educate others about the sheer variety and intrigue of Alaska’s bird population. He is not just a bird enthusiast but a seasoned ornithologist with extensive knowledge of the species that inhabit this wonderful state.

At Birding AK, we aim to not only be an information resource but also a vibrant community for bird lovers, conservationists, and nature enthusiasts. We provide detailed birdwatching guides, offer tips for identifying bird species, share fascinating insights about their habits and habitats, and inform you about the best birdwatching spots in Alaska.

We believe in the power of citizen science and encourage all birdwatchers, novice or expert, to share their sightings and contribute to our collective understanding of these magnificent creatures. We also emphasize the importance of bird conservation and strive to raise awareness about the threats faced by different bird species.

Join us as we continue to explore, learn, and celebrate the amazing world of Alaska’s birds. With Birding AK, you’ll not only witness the spectacular beauty of Alaskan bird life, but also become part of an active community dedicated to their appreciation and preservation.

Thank you for visiting Birding AK. Let’s keep our binoculars ready and our spirits high as we journey together through the avian wonders of the Last Frontier!

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